What to Try: “How to Assess Self-Awareness in a Hiring Interview”

“One of our client companies is a technology startup that’s growing quickly. They’re working in a competitive field and want to move quickly to develop the best technology, so they’re deeply concerned about hiring the best people. But equally important to them is hiring people who are conscious — people who are aware of the impact they are having on the rest of the team and choose to respond creatively to challenges instead of blindly thrashing around in their own drama and blame.

The leaders of this company know that it’s not enough to have talented people — all of their competitors have that. Many talented—and even well-meaning—people can create a lot of drama in a culture if they lack self-awareness, which can translate into significant cultural, productivity, and bottom-line costs.

These leaders know that an important differentiator for their company is to have a team that’s conscious and focused not just on having the best answers, but on how they are as a team. They know that having even one extremely talented but unconscious colleague exacts a huge toll on the rest of the team.

Conscious employees, on the other hand, are less likely to cause drama, and more likely to shift out of it when it happens. They’re able to relate from trust versus fear, which results in more energy, connection, and innovation.”

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