What to Read: How to Identify Your Career Interests and Do What You Love

“Identifying your career interests isn’t always easy, which is why people sometimes take a job without thinking about whether they actually like it or find it interesting. But here’s the thing: it inevitably leads to burnout — which itself could lead to anxiety and depression.

And that’s exactly what happened to me. I spent the first 10 years of my working life in jobs I, quite honestly, loathed. Not because they were bad jobs, but because I had zero interest in them, and I derived absolutely no satisfaction from them.

When I finally decided to take a moment to think about my interests and actually pursue my passion of writing and editing, my whole life changed — however corny that may sound. I was finally doing something that I enjoyed, that I loved and, most importantly, that made me happy.

And you, too, can be happy in whichever job you choose to do, as long as you clarify where your career interests truly lie — and this guide will help you do just that.”

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