BCEL Leadership Café – April 2021

Please join us for the month of April, where we will discuss the TedTalk “The Crisis of Conformity” with Halla Tómasdóttir and Bryn Freedman. With the goal of connecting young and established leaders around reflective leadership learnings, each month of our café will feature new learning material alongside guided agendas to facilitate meaningful discussions. Participants can sign up on a per-month basis.

Participants will be grouped into diverse, small groups (no more than 6 people per group) to host a 1-hour virtual discussion reflecting on the learning materials. This month’s TedTalk, reflection questions, and virtual group discussions should take up no more than 2 hours.

Sign up here for our April 2021 BCEL Leadership Café! Don’t miss the deadline of Wednesday, April 14th to secure a spot in the café this month!

After you’ve registered, you’ll receive your group assignment. Any questions? Reach out to BCEL at info@bcemergingleaders.com