BCEL 12 Days of Celebration 2019

In 2019 the BC Young Leaders network shared with you...

Day 1

ONE leadership webinar featuring Doug Eveneshen from Stabilization Central. We learned how Stabilization Central supports the strength of the credit union system and Doug even shared his leadership journey and lessons he learned along the way.

Stabilization Central has supported the BCEL network over the last few years, starting with a 2017 conference sponsorship and evolving into our key funding partner in 2018 and 2019! We are so grateful for their support!

Day 2

TWO sponsorships to conferences this year! Sagar Sanghera from Vancity won his way to the CCUA NexGen conference in Winnipeg and Edna Lalonde from Valley First won her way to the BCEL conference in Kelowna. Congratulations to our winners and make sure you keep your eyes open for conference contests next year!

Day 3

THREE World Café questions that the young leaders worked through at this year’s annual conference. Read the Executive Summary to learn what was discussed!

Day 4

FOUR Regional Groups that in total hosted between 3 to 4 events within their regions. From virtual to in-person events, these groups were engaged and connected on a variety of topics! A huge thank you to our regional leaders who stepped up this year to support and run events within their regions.

Day 5

FIVE hundred members! Starting with 40 attendees in 2016 at our first ever conference, we surpassed over 500 members in 2019!

This year we surpassed 500 members which is absolutely amazing – we are thrilled to continue to strive towards our Vision of: Building Leaders. Connecting Leaders. Representing 39 credit unions and 7 credit union service organizations we are well on our way! THANK YOU!!

Day 6

Invest SIX minutes of your time to watch this leadership video featuring Drew Dudley where he discusses Everyday Leadership Lessons.

Did you know that in our monthly BCEL newsletters, we have a Personal Development section that includes links to articles, videos and books that we think our network would enjoy. Log into your BCEL account at bcyoungleaders.com and check out the member resource section!

Day 7

Thriving in a world of transformation requires a toolkit – do you have the right tools? At our 2019 conference, Rocky Ozaki shared the SEVEN C’s of Innovation: Resilience to Change, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Human Connection, Communication, and Compassion & Empathy.

Which of these tools do you think is most valuable in your leadership growth? Which would like to work on?

Day 8

GR8T tips from Angela Champ around how to avoid derailing your career!

Want to know if you have high emotional intelligence (EQ)?  For our last webinar of 2019, Angela Champ from Prospera Credit Union discussed how Emotional Intelligence levels can accelerate or limit your career. She provided tips and advice on how to be more self aware and also educated us on the habits that set High EQ people apart from the pack. Listen to the webinar recording here.

Day 9

NINE conference speakers at this year’s BCEL annual conference! This year the conference topics focussed on Change Ready Leadership! Check out the Conference Summary for more details.

Thank you again to our amazing presenters and sponsors for making this year’s conference a huge success!

Day 10

TEN 10 Ways to Become More Resilient In our monthly newsletters we include links to personal development items that we believe our network would benefit from!

Day 11

ELEVEN working committee members focused on delivering value and leadership development opportunities to the network!  Thank you to our committee members for their continued work and dedication to this great initiative!

Day 12

TWELVE Ask the CEO questions! Tough questions from our network got some honest answers from a variety of CEO’s across the province.  Check out the Ask a CEO section on the website.